Monday, August 3, 2009

Late July developments

Top-- inspired by the Cat in the Hat and his ode to the moss covered, three handled family gredunza, this credenza features some fun construction done in the shop during heavy rains. This piece features doors constructed of reformatted raised panel doors and scrap plywood. The case is constructed of poplar and some oak resawn from some old posts. 66" long, 35" tall, and 24" deep. Best of all, it can be utilized in a variety of roles, or wear a lot of hats like old Suess's feline. It's official name is the "Edo meets Alabama" credenza. The name was inspired by the Japanese Edo period and by the presence of the funky, make it happen style doors.
Middle-- "Old Friends" rustic dining table. This table is constructed entirely of reused old timbers, most of which have been resawn. The poplar, oak, and hickory used in this table all came from posts that were used as stickers in lumber stacks at an old mill in Troy, Alabama. Overall dimensions are 60" long, 34" wide, 31" tall. By the way, that is a separate trunk under it in the photo.
bottom-- "Thompson-Boling bench." Hopefully I'm not infringing on some trademarked name or something with this name, which was inspired by a recent concert trip to the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, TN. I couldn't help but notice how the light from the foyer area of the area flowed into the actual concert arena through the various entry portals. Of course, the colors here are an inverse of light flowing into a dark area. Make sense? Thought so.
Dimensions-- 18" tall, 66" long, 19" deep.

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