Monday, August 9, 2010

Through the Wood and Around the Block- Wiregrass Museum of Art

In addition to the Biennial show (post below), I am currently part of a show at the Wiregrass Museum of Art called "Through the Wood and Around the Block." This exhibit features southern woodworkers from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida.

I am very honored to have been chosen for this exhibit due to the caliber of work and professionalism of the other artists. There are some great examples of woodwork in this show. Thanks to the Wiregrass Museum of Art!

Wiregrass Art Musuem's Biennial 2010

Last month, the Wiregrass Museum of Art reintroduced their biennial show. The opening was awesome, and the art was even better. Artists from Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama were featured.
I pulled this photo from the WMA's facebook page, but soon hope to get a few larger shots. The piece I entered is in the center of the above photo. It is a laminate of white pine, sweetgum, spalted poplar, and walnut. I think it is about 24" by 24".
There is a fantastic array of art in the show, so if you find yourself in Dothan, AL in the next month or so, go check it out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

tractor tread bench/table

Yes, you can sit on this. No, the legs won't cave in-- unless you are 500 lbs or so. This table is constructed of cypress, brazilian cherry, spalted poplar, regular poplar, and salvaged heart pine for the legs.

The green chunks down the center are slices from a spalted poplar post retrieved from a lumber yard in Troy, AL. Each piece has a tiny bit missing on one side, so I flip flopped that recessed side. What resulted looked to me like the track for a tractor tire left in the dirt.

44" long, 20" tall, 20" wide.

Gradient bench

After making a desk to fit in a corner as part of another project, I found myself with a lot of rhombus and trapezoid shaped drops. So, I decided to try to maximize what I could do with those odd shapes, and decided to make a color wave out of them.

This table is constructed of walnut, birch, white oak, and maple, with salvaged heart pine legs. 18" tall, 66" long, 37.5" wide.

five woods bench

As the name implies, this bench features five different species of wood. Heart pine, maple, walnut, birch, and cedar, from right to left. The legs are constructed from salvaged 2x12 heart pine chunks which are offset at 22.5 degrees.
The piece of art sitting on the bench is made from cut up license plates and recycled wood scraps. I met a very nice family at Rosemary Beach, FL, that makes these pieces. Don't remember the company name, but I really liked their work.

recycled hall tree

This piece utilizes a leftover glue-up of poplar, a leftover shop chair, some drop cuts after sawing up an old door, some rafter perlins from a dismantled house, some 2x4's, a leftover experimental door pull, and a found towel rack on the back for haning items.

the back rest is off-set to the seated person's right to keep things interesting.

70"tall, 30" wide

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage lumber salvaged from a dismantled historic home in Eufaula, Alabama provided the materials for the coffee table above. A vintage car hood makes for a good outdoor bench.

wheelbarrow table

this piece features salvaged pine 2x4's (the old kind that actually are 2 in. by 4 in.), pine posts, and some tongue and groove ceiling material all from a dismantled 108-yr-old home in historic downtown Eufaula, Alabama. 5 feet long, 32 inches wide, 20 inches tall.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

animals with eyeglasses

part of a 20-piece series completed in February.
top/ camel with eyeglasses
second/ Djibouti Joe with eyeglasses
third/ an owl wearing glasses with windshield wipers in the snow and rain
fourth/ thing at the bottom of the sea with glasses on
fifth/ another camel with eyeglasses on

pets, neighbors, animals, upside down rocking chairs

top/ a cat's paw- not the cat's paw in a carpenter's belt, but the actual animal appendage
second/ the mailbox on highway 92 in Countyline that is covered with trumpet vines and cacti. I always wonder what the mail carrier thinks about that mailbox.
third/ an upside down rocking chair. I wouldn't advise anyone to sit in this thing.
fourth/ Abe the dog enjoying a turkey leg.
fifth/ my cat Sally used to sit on my shoulder. I tried to emulate the up-close sight of looking at a cat on one's shoulder.

ukrainian loveseat

It can serve as a bench. It can serve as a chair- or two. It can serve as a set of wheels to race upon.
This piece was constructed from tongue-and-groove ceiling boards and posts from a demolished house in historic Eufaula, Alabama. The sides of the back rest are made from salvaged hickory and poplar. Put some 3 inch casters on the bottom and, viola, a Ukrainian loveseat.

a visual equivalent of misspelling

When wrods ar mispeled somtims they just dont look rigt.

.shop muses.

This shop is never void of weird ideas. Sometimes I find myself thinking about some far-off distracting thing and I have no idea where it came from. So I reduced the occurrences to be a result of unknowingly seeing random sights around the shop- Kinda like in the '80s when Coke displayed subliminal messages of mouth-watering fountain drinks during the previews at the theatres. Except I haven't been seeing mouthwatering Co-colas around the shop, I have been seeing these non-watering things-- plus a whole bunch more.

bike series

Bikes. They have two wheels. They have been around longer than cars. They can go slow or (relatively) fast. In my opinion, and based on my experiences, they allow for more contemplation and imagination than other means of wheeled transportation.