Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blind Am, orbital sanders, fractions, and a play on words

Top__ this piece is titled "Blind Am and his washtub." Long ago, there was a blind, mentally handicapped black man named Am who lived on County Road 719. His house is still there, but he isn't. Am had very few skills given his physical and mental conditions, but he was quite mobile and industrious. He would drag around an old washtub with him and ask neighbors if they needed any clothes washing done. When he got tired, he would flip his washtub upside down and sit on it- wherever that may be that he felt like sitting.
2nd__ this piece has always eluded a title, and I have no idea why. I painted this piece entirely with a DeWalt random orbit sander.
3rd__ After getting heavy into furniture construction, I found myself always thinking in fractions due to the fact that I was reading a tape measure so much. I suppose I was reading more numerical fractions than words at that point.
4th__ "Power Plant." A picture of a plant with a green lightnin' bolt through it.

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