Wednesday, August 12, 2009

land tortoise table

There is a place in the ground along a fenceline next to a dirt road between a field and a pond in southern Alabama. It is a hole about the size of a soccer ball. Not many people know about this hole, but it is clear that many burrowing animals do know about it. Years ago, my Granddaddy Martin and I drove by it and he told me about the "land tor-toyse" (vernacular pronunciation, also referred to as a large turtle) that lived there at the time. Many years have passed, but the hole remains. Sometimes an armadillo may use it, sometimes a land tortoise, sometimes the vacancy sign is up. I have always looked at that hole with unyielding imagination since it is always unclear who, if anyone, may be using it. So here is a table dedicated to the fun that a simple hole in the groung can bring.
A second source of inspiration came about as I was building this table (which is usual for the furniture I construct.) My Granny has a cat that is absolutely solid black, except for one white toe on its back left foot. The legs of this table were all originally one cylinder constructed of poplar, with one dark green section. I subsequently cut into quarters to give four rounded legs. As you can see in the top photo, this table has three pale colored legs and one with a green streak. So here's a table also dedicated to a fleeting black cat with one white toe.
35" tall, 36" wide, 22" deep.

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