Friday, September 11, 2009

scarecrow's flip flops

One afternoon last fall, I suddenly had an urge to pursue octogons. I remember listening to the Fleet Foxes song "Drops in the River" as I was standing at the miter saw working out the configuration. Then I started noticing the nice pattern that was occurring- the length of the short dimension on any member of the octogon is equal to the long dimension of the previous member. A few people in the shop were snickering and didn't think it would work..but it did.
This sideboard, or buffet as some may call it, is 38"tall, 60"long, and 20"deep. It is constructed of birch, Pennsylvania cherry, pine, poplar, and oak. The doors are louvered and feature textured glass. My good friend Jeremy Hester (Hester Stained Glass Studio) helped me with the glass work for the doors. The back of the piece is constructed entirely of scraps from the throw away bin.
This piece was a pleasure to make and was a learning process from start to finish.

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