Sunday, July 5, 2009

Atypical Armoire

This piece came about in an interesting manner, and from a multitude of wood species. The doors were constructed first, and everything else fell into place later.
The doors are built from old heart pine wood salvaged from family land in Bellwood, AL that was homesteaded six generations back, so I wanted to preserve as much of that material as possible.
The feet on the right side are constructed from the scraps of a set of trivets (cedar, poplar, birch, oak, and hickory are all in there). The legs on the left are constructed of basswood (posts) and laminated egde grain plywood (feet). The stretchers are old spindles found in the shop at school. The face frame is poplar, and the handles are made from old oak palatte skids. The case is constructed of scrap plywood and basswood.
Inside, there is a blue formica shelf that lines up with the bottom of the top left door. That door utilizes aircraft hinges to facilitate an opening motion similar to that of an overhead compartment.
Behind the large door to the right is a hanging rack. The two doors with vertically oriented handles operate in the conventional right/left doorswing motion.
dimensions: 2ft deep by 6ft tall

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